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        1. Northern Lights at Dusk

          Features that grow with you.

          See everything we have to offer.

          Available on all plans

          Your own, customizable website

          Unlimited photo and video uploads

          Responsive design—adapts to mobile, tablets, and monitors

          Free mobile app to edit, archive, and share on the go

          Fully hosted, unlimited traffic

          Ads and spam (Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nada)


          Max photo file size (150 MB)

          150 MB
          150 MB
          150 MB
          150 MB

          Max video file size (3 GB)

          3 GB
          3 GB
          3 GB
          3 GB

          Video quality (1080p)


          Video clip length (20 min)

          20 min
          20 min
          20 min
          20 min

          Embed photos and videos on other websites

          Add photos and sync your entire library from Lightroom

          View detailed stats and analytics

          Utilize robust SEO tools, including meta tags and XML sitemaps

          SmugMug Perks - great deals from our amazing partners

          Available on all plans

          24/7 real-human support

          Make the most of your account with our in-depth help center

          Tune in and learn with video tutorials

          Attend live, online SmugMug training events

          Access community forums for feedback, tips, and in-depth support

          Available on Portfolio and Pro plans

          Chat live with a real human, Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm PST

          Available on all plans

          Create a completely personal homepage

          Apply themes (fonts and color palettes) to add personal style to pages and galleries

          Simple drag-and-drop site customization

          Six gorgeous image layouts to choose from

          Put your logo or brand name on your site

          Available on Power, Portfolio, and Pro plans

          21+ modern, premade design templates

          Create custom themes using your own font and color combinations

          Create your own design templates, no coding needed

          Use your own domain

          Optional customization via HTML and CSS

          Available on all plans

          Easy organization for your photos and website

          Manage settings on images, galleries, and folders

          Bulk image management with drag-and-drop functionality

          Add titles, captions, and keywords to photos

          Sort photos by date, caption, and more

          Rotate photos, adjust thumbnails, access color effects

          Available on all plans

          Every image backed up with Amazon Web Services

          Cloud storage allows access anytime, from anywhere

          Copyright is always yours

          Download your original photos and gallery backups at any time

          Password protect folders, galleries, pages, or your whole site

          Limit visibility to folders, galleries, and pages to only those with whom you’ve shared a link

          Make any folder, gallery, or page completely private

          Opt out of search engines

          Limit display size to keep originals safe

          Create anonymous galleries to share with the world

          Available on Power, Portfolio, and Pro plans

          Set a custom right-click message for your images

          Limit access to your folders, galleries, pages, and site to specific people you choose

          Available on Portfolio and Pro plans

          Add custom watermarks to protect images

          Available on all plans

          Share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more

          Free mobile app to edit, archive, and share on the go

          Send photos easily via email

          Give pages custom, easy-to-remember URLs

          Create virtual collections of photos you love

          Create Smart Galleries for automated collections

          Invite friends, loved ones, or colleagues to upload to your galleries

          Enable, moderate, or disable comments

          Display geotagged photos on interactive maps

          Available on all plans

          100% Print Satisfaction Guarantee

          Order prints and products from a professional print lab right from your site

          Enable/disable product sales from any gallery

          Fully hosted shopping cart and checkout

          Create custom greeting cards

          Allow family and friends to order photo cards from your site

          Credit-card processing and customer service included

          Buy photo books, framing, etc., from multiple vendors

          Ship anywhere

          Available on Portfolio and Pro plans

          Fulfill orders with top labs: Bay Photo, WHCC, EZPrints, and Loxley (UK)

          Turnkey storefront with e-commerce-optimized galleries

          Create custom pricing, and sell from a selection of 1,000+ prints and products at a profit

          Sell greeting cards at a markup

          Give customers the option to add frames, mats, mountings, and more

          Set sitewide pricing, keep 85% of the markup

          Accept global currencies on orders (USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY, CHF, NZD, SEK, HKD)

          Select your preferred currency when pricing prints, gifts, and downloads

          Sell digital image and video downloads

          Collect profits via electronic transfer

          Enable proof delay and add final edits before shipping

          Allow assistants to access your site with a unique password

          Create custom pricelists for individual galleries and images to accommodate every client

          Available on all plans

          SEO-optimized website

          Get insights into viewer behavior with built-in statistics and analytics

          Available on Portfolio and Pro plans

          Facebook Pixel integration support

          Available on Pro plans

          Create custom coupons for promotions

          Create custom single- and multi-image packages

          Let customers choose favorite images

          Sell more with event marketing tools

          Available on Portfolio and Pro plans

          Custom printmarking for your products

          Custom backprinting for your prints

          Personalized shopping cart

          Available on Pro plans

          Insert branded thank-you cards in shipped orders

          Brand shipped orders with custom logo stickers

          Offer gift-wrapped boutique packaging

          Opt for Personal Delivery and have orders shipped directly to you

          See everything we have to?offer.

          For the love, craft, or business of it, we’ve got a plan for you.

          Ready for a free, 14-day test?run?

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